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"The one factor that differentiates successful disability insurance claims from those that are denied"

J. Daniel Gregory, Social Security Disability Lawyer

Hi, I’m Daniel Gregory, managing partner and founder of the Law Office of J. Daniel Gregory. During the last decade, I’ve helped thousands of clients in Dallas/Fort Worth win their unique disability claims. In that time, I’ve discovered the one differentiator between success and failure: you need a game plan.
Together, you and I will work together to create the game plan you need for a successful claim. Schedule your 1-on-1 consultation today. It won’t cost you a penny up front. We only get paid if you win. Complete the form on this page to get started immediately.
What Other Clients are Saying

"They made sure I was prepared for my hearing..." 

- Enrique Padilla

I would like to thank Daniel Gregory and his wonderful staff very much for all you did for me regarding my disability benefits.

They really worked hard on my case and made sure I was prepared for my hearing. May God continue blessing you for your devoted hard work for me and others!

Enrique Padilla, Fort Worth Social Security Disability client

"Mr. Gregory got me the disability benefits I deserved..."
- Bonnie Farrington

Within the last four years I have been trying continuously to get disability benefits. The lawyer I worked with before Mr. Daniel Gregory got me no beneficial results over three years. Mr. Gregory worked diligent and quickly to get me the disability benefits I needed and deserved in less than a year. He made sure I had what I needed at the times needed and always made sure I was aware and on the same page. Thank you Mr. Gregory!
Social Security Disability Fort Worth client, Bonnie Farrington

"I felt like I had a guardian angel protecting me..."

- Paul Edward Acosta

Making the phone call was the best decision I made getting help to win my case. I was so disappointed being denied and I knew I needed help/ When the office of Daniel Gregory saw me I felt like all the pressure was relieved. 

I felt like I had a guardian angel protecting me. They helped me with everything I needed, and when the time came to go to court, I felt confident and at ease. When the decision was made and we won the case, it was the greatest news to finally be told that I was right!
Paul Edward Acosta won his social security disability claim in Fort Worth
The fastest and easiest way to get the social security disability payments you deserve
Don't lose another minute of sleep worrying if your claim will be rejected. Build a winning game plan with a trusted lawyer who specializes in your specific needs - social security disability claims.

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